Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God's perfect timing.

Well I've done this blogging thing before but its been so long I can't even remember which email address I used to login to the blogger thing!

 often find myself stuck by the reality of how good God is. I don't know if I should just know it all the time but sometimes I have little "God Moments" when the Lord does sweet little things for me and I become once again overwhelemed with joy and gratfulness to Him for just being who He is in my life.

My life has been a crazy rollercoster ride of twists and turns and loops and its insaine. It starts before I was born. My mother was told she would never have children and ten years later the Lord blessed my parents with ME! Then my brother two years after that. God knew my parents would be parents but only in HIS timing. The next part is apparently when I was born I almost didn't make it (so I'm told). Then when I was ooohhh 18months old I clibmed out of my crip and popped the top on my moms anti-sezure meds and downed the bottle and went back to bed. My parents found my stiff in my bed in the middle of the night. I shouldv'e died then but the Lord saved me. My parents said the doctors really thought I would at least have permanent liver damage from all the medication that had gone into my system. I went for several months to follow up visits to check my liver and then they realized there was no permanent damage and I don't remember EVER going to the doctor for ANYTHING related to that incident. Now i've definantly gotten hurt many times over the years since then (mostly because I'm clumsy) but never top the extent that I felt my life was in danger. Other than some car accidents as a kid that my parents told me we shouldv'e been seriously injured from. I give you all this information so that you will realize why I am today doing what I'm doing. My parents have told me my entire life that I was their miracle child and that God had a special plan for me, partly they said because, "the devil kept trying to take you out"-dad. So of course hearing this my entire life I believed it. I came to know the Lord at VBS when I was like 6 and always thought that God had some great plan for me. Over a series of ups and downs in my life I've come to realize I was right as were my parents. Not because I'm special, but because HE is special. He came so the sinful, unclean person that is Amanda Cross could be used to further His kingdom. So the more I sought the Lord He moved me around a little her and there and has brought me to First Baptist Church Crosby. I am the Youth Associate working with girls and with Jr.High students. In all the ups and downs of life I've learned that I'm not always right, in fact I'm rareley ever right. God is always right and HIS timing is perfect. He will let me know what the plan is when I need to know. I'm not in control, I'm simply following directions...Following in Faith

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  1. Yay! I love that you're blogging. I'm excited to read what you have to say!