Sunday, October 30, 2011


Working with teenagers is like working at a theme park, the theme of the park is Jesus. Jesus ville, the theme park, has lots of roller-coasters, theses coasters are students. The excitement and joy of the spiritual highs and the scary, close-call sadness of the lows are what I do all day every day. See working with teenagers is not a job you can just "clock-out" of. They call you and tell you about life and the ups and the downs. Because the Lord has placed in me a love for them the highs they have are almost more exciting for me and the lows bring me to tears. Because there are so many of these "coasters" to ride in a weeks time it seems as thought there is always someone on a low and not necessarily always someone up on the highs. The trouble with the ups and downs is that the world says "when you don't do it our way-were done with you." The world says, "when you mess up-your done." Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. Jesus says, "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 Jesus wants us to love the way He loves, and His love is unconditional. The reason we who are part of the body of Christ are different from the world is we love the crazy roller coasters even after they knock the wind out of us or we get whiplash. When the coasters hurt us and make us want to stomp out and never ride it again, Jesus says go right on back and love unconditionally. I have exsperianced great heartache because of the choices of students I have loved on and the struggle is and I'm sure will always be, to love them after they mess up really bad. Most people who like roller-coasters (I have NEVER been one of those people) usually like to go and ride them all, even for a few days! However, after awhile you get totally drained by the whole experience and need to just walk away. Now don't freak out I'm not walking away or leaving my lovely theme park of FBC Crosby's own Jesus-ville, but I write this to ask for prayer. Prayer for me and the other adults who are giving parts of each day to pray for a love on the roller coasters that are teenagers. Pray for the adults and then pray for these teens. The Lord had 12 disciples and a lot of them were teenagers. Media is focused on teenagers, families surround their lives around what their students are active in, God uses teenagers to impact the world. THAT is a lot of pressure especially when you have regular life to deal with and I am here to tell you folks, teenagers are not innately sweet like they used to be and school is NOT the way it used to be either. So pray for our students to keep their focus on the Lord and to seek wise counsel when they are on the roller coaster of their lives. Students need to know they have the support of those "loyal fans", they need someone in their corner. If I am a believer I am to be an encourager and motivator and one who loves the way Jesus loved, not the way the world loves. So if you know a teenager and you don't know what to do with em-just keep loving them and encouraging them and PRAY for them no matter what.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

brain trouble

So the past few weeks I've been a Bumping into things, forgeting stuff that I would usually NEVER forget. I'm not really sure what the deal is. Michelle thinks theres something wrong with my brain, to which my sweet Samuel said, "mom don't talk about manda's brain!" (LOVE HIM) I'm thinking its the stress maybe?

the word I love and hate all at the same time

Theres this little word that Lord has explained to me that I should use more often. The word is "no." I try to help and just make things worse, I shouldv'e told myself "no Amanda, stay out of it." I get asked to help with this or that and I say yes until every sencond of my week is full then I'm stuck and stressed and end up dissapointing someone because I can't physically pull off everything I've said "yes" to without shooting someone. The Lord showed me this at Conclave, well tried to tell me at Conclave, about this precious little word. I though tI got it, I thought I understood and then I came home and said "yes" to myself one more time and well we will just say I am not the only on who was affected by it.

So how am I doing? I did cancel my piano student and I said no to 2 others who wanted to take piano and I'm starting to try and delegate responsibilities a little at the church to the interns. Thats about it, I'm praying about a few other things I may need to take out of my schedule.

How am I feeling, a little overwhelmed, stressed and sleepy. I have 4 group projects, 7 papers, 7 weeks of daily assignments and projects and only 7 weeks left of school to do it in. On top of all that I am trying to get some things lined up for the girls conference in the spring and I'm running out of time on that, and trying to plann a mission trip for the Middle School students in december. Oh plus regular weekly stuff at the church and teaching and oh yea I'm a friend and a daughter and a sister too, wow. Ready or not its a 7 weeks left race that will (hopefully) slow down after finals (come on december 6th).
 You know what would be nice, a night out. My last night out really helped me to relax and de-stress. So lets all (all 3 of the people who read my blog) pray that it works out for me to go out with my sweet friend Michelle on Saturday. Ok great.
Are you stressed out too? Are there things in your life you've had to say "no" to for your own sanity? Is fall as crazy full for you as it is for me?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

help a sister out!

also ps-the dumb blog has changed 4 times cuz I am so not being able to find something I like and now I'm totally confused on how to even fix the dumb thing as far as decor goes nor do I have 5 hours at one time to sit and fight the stupid html codes or whatever to make it work SO if anyone would like to fix it to be cute or can give me some suggestions that'd be great-thanks

Whats the point?

So I am not the most exciting person ever and I could totally understand why some people could care less about what I have to say. I was scrolling through my lovely blog and realizing that I had 1 follower (thank you Kelli) and 1 comment (again, thanks Kelli). So I was pondering why I bother to blog anyways if no one reads. I figure my lone follower would not be heartbroken since she has more exciting things to do with her time (all of witch you can read about on her blog Then I decided to stop listening to myself because I like to blog. I like to write things down so I'll remember them AND I'll be able to look back and see the ways the Lord has worked and moved in my life as well as the lives of people around me farther on in life. Who knows maybe someone someday will stumble upon this blog and the daily, strange that seems to be my life will encourage them and be a testimony to the Lord and what He can do. So I shall blog on :)