Wednesday, September 28, 2011

break time-part 1

Well step one of getting a break was a great success. I actually was not fully aware of exactly how much I needed a break from life until I got it. A very precious young man came and picked me up and took me out for dinner and a movie Saturday night. I was so nervous! HE was super super sweet and opened the car door and every other door we came across really lol. Anyways the movie was aweful (my fault since I picked it) but he was sweet about it and said he had a nice time anyways :)

 So there we go, nice night out.

Then there's Sunday. I was in a fabulous mood I was way more patient with the kids and I enjoyed them SO MUCH! I was like thank you JESUS! I was so relaxed and was just able to enjoy them. The same thing happened Sunday nigh- so I ask myself why the heck am I in such a good mood? Then it hits me, I had a few hours whee there was no stress. I didn't have to worry about driving and figuring out how to get there, I was not planning in my mind when I was gong to do homework, I wasn't brainstorming for a paper in my head, I wasn't working on my budget or grocery list, I wasn't trying to motivate myself to work out, I wasn't txt or talking to a student, I wasn't worried about what my family was doing or getting to the next job or babysitting or whatever! I actually was relaxed. It was SO NICE! To have someone who was paying attention to me and taking care of everything for me, SO GOOD! I had no idea that I was under so much stress until I got away from it for a few hours! So my new solution to stress is random little breaks from life. This "good mood" that has come out of the short little break is STILL GOING ON! Its Wednesday, the long tiring day. I enjoyed the kids, I was able to slow down enough to see each one of them and not just the group and I was able to talk with them-So to my sweet friend, Thanks

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