Monday, September 19, 2011

Break time already!

We are only about 5 weeks into the school year and I already need a break! With schoolwork and planning for youth mission trips this fall and girls retreat in the spring PLUS working at least 3 jobs a week sometimes more I'm exhausted! I think maybe its wearing on me sooner because I didn't get much of a break at the end of summer. Last year I was able to go to college week at Glorietta

It was an amazing time of rest and spiritual renewal. I spent a LOT of time in the prayer garden :)
This year instead of Glorietta I was taking summer classes(not fun). It paid off and that's one more science down and three more to go (yuck). However this lack of a break from the precious children has left me a little more impatient than usual and less understanding and well as the kids tell me too much Mike not enough Kathy (those of you who know my parents know what I'm talking about). SO Hence Operation break time! This weekend I'm going to go see a movie (not with a teenager) with someone a little closer to my age who has no drama and I am going to turn my phone off-yes OFF every night at 8:30! then of course there is the long awaited Youth Ministry Conclave coming up in October. 

Conclave is a big 3 day conference for youth ministers or any adult that works with youth. They have sessions based on all kinds of things. Vendors with lots of resources (and free stuff). Best thing is being able to connect with other youth ministers and fellowship with them. A lot of great ideas come from conversations with other youth leaders. PLUS added bonus, this year Mike Satterfield will be there (LOVE HIM!) and as always p2p. It will be sad because Bro Jeff will not be able to go this year to introduce me to everyone since he does in fact know EVERYONE. I know people now though since I've been doing this almost 3 years now and so hopefully I don't look like the random person who is alone that no one talks too-whatever I love conclave so I'm going and I get to miss a day of class!I'm sure the one follower I have has now abandoned me because of my rants about needing a break from life but oh well! 

What kinds of things do you need a break from? 
do you do to get away from life?

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