Wednesday, September 28, 2011

God moments...

The Lord knows that Middle Schoolers are VERY difficult to deal with. They act crazy and wild and they act like they hate you BUT the Lord knows this. He lets me see little things that no one thinks about and it encourages me.

See You At The Pole, one of the students who prayed in front of everyone is typically not paying attention and dosn't always seem to care *God moment*

One of the boys who hated my guts a year ago and wouldn't speak to any adult EVER came up to me tonight and asked what game we were playing and wanted to ACTUALLY PARTICIPATE in what we were doing AND he quoted a scripture from memory last week *God moment*

Another boy who acts like he doesn't like me and usually is disruptive at church not only showed up at the pole this morning, but he came up and gave me a hug (IN FRONT OF HIS SCHOOL FRIENDS) as if to say he appreciated the support. *God moment*

One of the "wild" boys (crazy, rambunctious, talks all the time, jumping over chairs, getting kicked out of class) who usually makes his teacher want to slap him, heard his teacher give a praise report about hs daughter and turned around, smiled at his teacher and gave him a high five and said congradulations *God Moment*

Honestly people the list could go on forever. Its really really really hard to see these good things the God is doing in the lives of these kids because Its not always a big dramatic change, BUT GOD IS MOVING, in His way, in HIS timing he is changing the hearts of these kids. He lets me see it so I want want to quit every time I catch them doing dumb jr high kid stuff. I LIVE for little *God moments* like these.

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