Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time's been ticking away...

As I was marking everything in my calendar yesterday I had to stop myself and say, "wow I'm really busy." It always seems that SOMETHING else gets added to every day no matter what day it is! So I thought I'd give you a little taste of today just as an example of how ridiculously full my life is.
 First off, I allowed myself to sleep until 8 for my sanity and the sanity of everyone I'll come into contact with today. So from 8 till about 9 I did homework and got my homework organized by priority and due date. Around 9 I had to shower and start getting dressed for work (at Crosby Middle School). 9:45-I'm out the door and headed to the church to input the attendance from last night and drop off some books for my Bible study later tonight. Around 10:10 I'll leave to go pick up Janna (A little girl I baby-sit for and pick up from daycare to help her mom and make a lil extra money) and drop her off at dance class. I have to be at Crosby Middle School to sub for Mr.Greer (science) until about 2:45. I blocked of time from 3 till 5 to spend with my friend Mary whom I have not spent time with in a million years. Then fro 5 till 6 Bible Study with a few of my students. 6:30 pick up Janna from daycare and take her home. 7 till around 8:30 is praise band practice, I sing on Sunday mornings occasionally when the regular singer is not able to make it. after that its do more homework and hopefully I can go to bed before 10. TOMORROW I'll have to do homework while watching my sweet babies Samuel (5) and Caroline (almost 2) and be at the church to help cook for the football team around noon then pick up Matthew (7) at 3:30 pick up Janna at 6:30 and take her home, with the other kids in tow. Then somehow figure out how to do the bleacher creature thing with Matthew while still watching the other two! Whew I'm tired just thinking about all of it! Anyways now you all know when I say I'm busy its really true...I have to set aside time for "fun" things or quality time with friends and then be strong and say no when-not if but WHEN other things try to come fill that time. Sigh well I've already wasted too much time blogging but ready or not its time to get going.

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