Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventures in Galveston

Well Crosby had a bi week meaning no football game. I took this as the perfect opportunity to have a little beach retreat with some of our girls in the youth group. I spent lots of time and going back and forth between different places to stay and to eat and how much it would cost and FINALLY camp up with this: Laquinta on the sea wall that had breakfast included and a pool we could stay in all night as long as we didn't disturb anyone, Beach time the next morning, then lunch at "The Spot" before we headed home. All this for $40 per person.

The Journey
 We left the church by 5pm Friday, didn't get to the hotel until probably 7pm(no I didn't get lost) traffic on 45 at 5pm is awful. The girls were troopers in the traffic, they listened to their ipods and talked and cracked me up the whole time.
Bible Study
We did a Bible Study Friday night and they did good, most of them had brought their Bibles and were willing to read and imput on discussion! Yay! The Saturday morning Bible study was lead by one of the girls! I love it! She did a fantastic job preparing and even though she was a little nervous she did a great job.
The Beach
The beach apparently wasn't as fun as I thought because after about an hour and a half most of the girls were ready to leave-crazy teenagers. SO they decided instead of simply wrinsing off in the little outdoor showers they would shampoo and condition their hair in the little outdoor showers-Katie and I sat and watched them and It was hillarious since most of the showers were shorter than the girls.
The End
So after the beach we headed to "The Spot," a burger place on the seawall. Everyone found something they liked and after that we headed home. It was slightly uneventful but the girls seemed to have a good time and we all made it back in one piece AND under budget!

After writing all this I realized a good blogger would have taken a picture to go with each thing, I really should've taken a picture of them washing their hair in their swim shirts outside ha priceless. Oh well I did manage to remember to take a few pictures at "The Spot" so here they are...

note to self...remember to take more pictures

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