Monday, November 7, 2011

Read the Directions!

I spent my entire day subbing at Crosby Middle School. I find that most of the time when I give students work and they tell me they don't know what to do its because they didn't read the directions. OR They'll assume they know what to do and get it wrong because again..they didn't read the directions. I spend the day reading directions and saying (a MILLION TIMES) READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!

I was sitting on the couch perusing pinterest after finding out the paper I was working on isn't due for another week (YES!). When I found this! I thought YES! I love those tasty lil apple chips and I could have em now, made myself and add it to my list of stuff I know how to make AND that I did something I pinned! SO I see this as I look at the screen

Looks yummy! Ok it says apples, cinnamon and 200 degrees! So I quickly jump up and grab a knife and a couple of apples.

Then I slice them up

then I add the cinamon

I popped them in the oven and set it to 200 and thought I'd come back 15 min later to crispy apple chips. Well 20 min later they looked exactly the same as when I put them I actually clicked on the link to the website it was pinned from and discovered that it takes 2 HOURS for them to cook! WOW talk about a let down! Well so I thought I'd "modify" the recipe and turn the heat up a little. Just about then my ride showed up and I had to leave. I turned to my brother (who was laying on the couch watching tv). I tell him, "Justin take the apples out in like 15 min, don't let them burn" He kind of mumbles ok and I leave. I came home to the smell of crispy burnt apples and fans on in the kitchen.

Apparently all he remembers hearing is they are supposed to cook for an hour. So I learned a couple things, 1. Always remember your brother does not actually hear what you're saying when the tv is on so just don't even try. 2. You can't sped up cook time by turning the heat up (I should have remembered my mom telling me that). 3.Read the DIRECTIONS before you try and do something to make sure you have time to follow through.

Have you ever messed up a recipe by not reading the directions? Have you ever depended on your guy to remember something you told him while he was watching tv?

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  1. hahahaha. Um, yes and yes. Guys don't need tv's to be dense, though. They can do it all by themselves. :)