Saturday, November 5, 2011

I actually did it!!

I actually made something I pinned! I was going to a birthday party for one of my students and realized at the last second that I really did want to bring a gift (15min before I needed to leave for the party). I quickly scoured all the things I pinned because I KNEW there had to be something I could make quickly from things I already had.This was it, my sweet Hannah would love something cute like this and I could do it quickly. Now I was of course doing it quickly so I didn't take any pictures like all the good bloggers do-sorry :( I grabbed one of my moms extra frames from the closet, cut some colorful scrapbook paper to size and put it in the frame. I stuck it in a bag along with a dry-erase marker that I had in my desk and called it a happy birthday!  The end result was a cute gift AND I actually made something I pinned :)

Have you ever scrambled to throw a gift together?


  1. I love that pin! And yes, I've scrambled to throw a gift together. I think a better question for me might be "Have you ever prepared in advance for a party like a normal person?" And the answer would be, "I'm sure I have. At least once! Maybe not."

  2. Um, and I think your background might be having an identity crisis. When I read the post, it was a new, really cute picture of an old room. After I commented, it became the old (also really cute) flowers/houndstooth pattern.

  3. Ha, i've tried to change it and I don't even know now-I give up lol